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Middle School: Mrs. Paula Kavmark brings a wealth of experience and qualification to the position of Junior High Instructor. Having taught at UCAS and currently on staff as an adjunct professor at UVU, Mrs. Kavmark’s proficiency in literacy, writing, and college preparation will contribute to student success now and in their future academic endeavors. As an interesting side note, Mrs. Kavmark’s husband is currently a pilot with United Airlines.



Cynthia Simpson Middle School Teacher Lighthouse Team Member

Middle School: Mrs. Cynthia Simpson will be teaching Jr. High again this year. She grew up in Provo and graduated from BYU with a degree in Russian. She enjoys running, tennis, traveling and spending time with family.

Mrs. Simpson has been married for 17 years. She has lived in Russia, China, New York, Park City, and now Orem. She has loved living, learning and exploring many different cultures, and feels blessed to reside here in the United States.

Mrs. Simpson has three of her three children attending Ivy Hall and is looking forward to teaching this year. She plans to have a year filled with exposure to new, exciting and challenging opportunities.

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  1. Cynthia-

    Hi there it’s Shannon (Pallat) Kelley. How are you? I saw you in passing last week at Kaye Hansen’s funeral, and then ended up talking to your dad and Mike afterwards. They mentioned to me that you might be interested in doing some advertising with us here at Utah Valley Magazine to help increase enrollment at the Academy. I’d love to sit down with you or whomever is in charge of marketing and talk about the great opportunities we have here to help increase awareness and educate the community about Ivy Hall Academy, what you offer and what sets you apart from other private schools like Waterford, Challenger, etc.

    If you can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Hope all is going well for you and your family. It was so great to see so many familiar 14th ward faces last week! It reminded me of how lucky I was to have been raised in such an incredible ward with the most amazing people!

    Take care-

    Shannon Kelley
    Advertising Executive
    Utah Valley Magazine
    (801) 380-9444

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