Learning Plan

PE Uniforms—Starting November 14, points that go toward a grade will be given for dressing appropriately.

Our Driving Question this year is: “What does it mean to be an American in a Democracy?”

American Studies curriculum: The American Journey

The Road to Revolution

Unit Essential Questions: When do people have the right to revolt against their government? Why do people rebel against their government? The American Revolution raises issues of enduring interest. What ideas caused conflict between Great Britain and the American colonies, and led to the Declaration of Independence? 

Core Classes: Math, Science, English/American Studies

Elective classes: Art, Drama, Maps/Geography, Music, Manners, and Entrepreneurship.

Our focus this year is American Studies. It is a blended or “interdisciplinary” curriculum that provides an analysis of the American experience from the perspective of both literature and history. We will study politics, economy, history, novels, music, and film. Students grow in their knowledge of the fundamentals of both history and language arts as they develop a critical understanding of American History and culture and also learn how to use written language in effective and powerful ways. We will read and write about American History while answering our Essential Question about what it means to be an American citizen in a democracy.

PE uniform: plain black, grey, or navy shorts/sweat pants; white, navy, or baby blue t-shirt; plain black or grey, or navy sweatshirt. No stripes, logos or other colors.  T-shirts worn inside out are not appropriate. We will go outside for PE if the weather is suitable, so be prepared.

We are using Teacherease.com to keep track of our grading this year. It offers a quick and easy way to see how your student is doing and what assignments are missing. Feel free to check it at any time!

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Reminder & Announcements

Date Event
April 21 Speech #2
April 28 Speech Festival
May 3-12 American Studies Trip to DC, Philadelphia, New York & Boston

Special Homework Assignment(s):

Please encourage your student to read their Fantasy genre book every night for at least 30 minutes. It should also be brought to class every day.

Daily Assignment Schedule.

Week of: April 17-21
Algebra 1ATest 11 in classLesson 61Lesson 62Lesson 63No MATH, Public Speaking--Speeches
Algebra 1BTest 19 in classLesson 101Lesson 102Lesson 103No MATH, Public Speaking--Speeches
American Studies (Topics and activities may require that we are flexible with the dates listed and may go longer or shorter)"1776" Read pages 20-24 and 34-38 American Rev documentary; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QParA8h9UY4&list=PLMZhrNNj_z5tnKucoERFbWHB1zPoCHvYG1776 Study Guide; Read pages 78-85American Rev documentary; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QParA8h9UY4&list=PLMZhrNNj_z5tnKucoERFbWHB1zPoCHvYGEntrepreneurship Class
ELAPBL-World Culture Fair brainstorm for projectArticle of the Week: African Americans in the Revolutionary War Due Friday, March 3New Vocabulary List #6: Quiz March 10thPBL-World Culture Fair (WCF) Study Vocabulary List #6; Homework: write words 3 times each and put into sentences also write Greek roots and Commonly confused definitionsPBL-World Culture Fair (WCF)
Reading (Tuesdays)Read: "The War comes to Willie Freeman"
Leadership/Current events (Friday)Current Events:
Science (M/W/F) Start again in MarchPBL-Research
Music (Thursday)Music:
Young Entrepreneurs (Friday)
Maps/Geography (T/W/TH)
Public SpeakingIntroduction to Public SpeakingWrite 1st Speech, Present Friday morning

Spelling Words

List #6 Quiz March 10

1. knoll 14. chose
2. luminous 15. choose
3. malleable 16. Greek Roots
4. materialize 17. philia
5. meander 18. phobos
6. meticulous 19. syn
7. misgivings 20. thesis
8. momentum 21. kinesis
9. monotonous 22.
10. multitude 23.
11. Commonly Confused 24.
12. dessert 25.
13. desert

Parent - Teacher Communications: